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Common Interest
Sep 28, 2023

Why new holding company Common Interest is truly something different

New holdco Common Interest launched with a headline-worthy acquisition. Jim Houghton explains why we should take notice of this newcomer...

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How to get institutional investors on board
Aug 3, 2023

How to get institutional investors on board

Jim Houghton covers off what agencies need to know and do if they’re looking to secure private equity funding. Read more...

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Will Chat GPT replace M&A advisors
Apr 3, 2023

Will Chat GPT replace M&A advisors? Not anytime soon.

Jim Houghton tests Chat GPT to evaluate its answers to 'standard' questions and processes that are typical of an M&A scenario. Read more...

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M&A - what makes for a good buyer?
Dec 15, 2022

What makes for a good buyer? Our M&A checklist

Being a good buyer can make the difference between a deal that brings long-term value and one that disappoints.

Acquisition | UK
Sep 23, 2022

Kyu – what you need to know

kyu has bought UK agency, Lexington. Waypoint’s Jim Houghton, who led the team acting on behalf of Lexington, shares some insights on why kyu is one to watch.

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MBO Discussion
Sep 6, 2022

5 questions you need to ask about MBOs

Jim Houghton of Waypoint Partners PR Week’s recent piece on what…

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