Relieve hopium and restore growth to your agency sales



An obsessive sales behaviour characterised by habitual episodes of unsubstantiated optimism,  persistent delusion and expressions of self-deception within the context of winning new business.

“Once again our business development team’s ‘90% likely deal’ fell through at the final hurdle –  I suspect they may be high on hopium.”

(See also)
Assumptive, reactive, poorly qualified, tunnel vision, naïve, unplanned, unlucky, short of target, looking for a new role.

What do the hopium obsessed do?

  • Fly by the seat of their pants
  • Talk instead of listening
  • Roll out the creds
  • Fail to research and understand their client needs, wants and business goals
  • Qualify all deals in
  • Surround themselves with a large pitch team as soon as possible
  • Focus on only one main contact
  • Focus on low level contacts only (User buyers)
  • Get excited easily / lose their rational thinking
  • Get defensive / make excuses
  • Talk about our craft, process, competence and capability
  • Push their process (Discovery, Propose, Pitch, Decision)
  • Drive uncontrolled bid cost
  • Constantly slip their forecast
  • Lose without knowing why
  • Blame external factors for loss (pricing, competitors, change of circumstance, economy)

Damage that hopium does to the business

  • Destroys forecast
  • Reduces win rate
  • Confuses / annoys the clients
  • Wastes valuable resources
  • Makes revenue unpredictable
  • Reduces profit
  • Makes planning ahead impossible
  • Inhibits scaling
  • Frustrates the agency /  demotivates delivery teams
  • Damages reputation
  • Reduces the value of the agency

If your sales team exhibit any of these behaviours, get in touch with Waypoint for help from people who know how to transform your sales team and bring it back to full health.

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“For every sale, we now obsess about running the full Waypoint sales method throughout the process to maximise the odds of winning, rather than risking an expensive waste of time and energy.”
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