Mastering Better Business Development - Workshop

How can agencies stand out and grow in a crowded market with challenging client conditions? Join us for an engaging workshop where you will uncover the secrets of outshining competitors, winning lucrative contracts, and achieving remarkable growth.

While your agency may be experiencing modest growth of 5% or 10%, if you aspire to surpass these numbers and potentially sell your company in the future, it’s crucial to aim higher. Agencies considered as high growth or high performance are driving 25%+ YoY revenue growth annually.

Conventional business development methods alone are no longer driving the results people are looking for. Relying on referrals or waiting for the next client brief to drop into your inbox limits your potential, emphasising cost as the primary decision-making factor and triggering a race to the bottom.

During this event, Waypoint will share advice, best practice and secrets for sales success to help you become a high-growth agency in a profitable and sustainable way. And we’ll give you an unbiased perspective on equipping your business to increase win rates and grow your share of the market.

We are also delighted to welcome David Kean, a renowned writer, speaker, and consultant at Catalyst, who will deliver our opening keynote. And we will be joined by Adam Spurr, a career sales expert in software, tech and telecoms.

David and Adam will set the stage for an enlightening workshop, covering:

• Identifying avenues for agency growth
• Taking control of your agency sales activity
• Leveraging the power of value-based positioning
• Differentiate to secure high value contracts
• Understanding and creating the reasons for clients to change
• Effective sales conversations to drive success
• Strategic resourcing to maximise value and drive repeatable, scalable success

Join Waypoint Partners and an audience of senior agency leaders as we explore the path to the top and unlock new strategies for your agency growth.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to start your new business development journey – secure your place now.


09:00Arrivals and networking, a light breakfast will be available
09:30Keynote 1 – David Kean – Perfect Pitching – how you can pitch to win
10:00Keynote 2 – Adam – What agencies can learn from selling in the software and tech industries
10:30Workshop sessions
11:30Conclusions from workshops and sum up
12:00Networking and lunch
13:00Event concludes

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