Five minutes with... Sarah Lawrence

What’s your career highlight to date?

Launching Waypointers in 2022 and quickly establishing a highly respected industry podcast that people actively want to contribute to. Some of the stories have been truly fascinating and the Challenger series has been particularly popular.

It’s also been wonderful to see members of the Waypoint team embrace the format and shape the conversations into something our audience enjoys and benefits from.

What M&A advice would you give to your younger self?

I would say that no matter how many years you’ve been working, there are always new things to learn. You’ll acquire a lot of knowledge along the way, but the world of marketing doesn’t stand still.

I’d also reassure the ‘mini-me’ that it’s OK to make mistakes or get something wrong. The real problems start when you stop taking risks or trying new things and your outlook becomes stale.

Who was your hero or inspiration growing up?

My early years were spent in the world of classical music and after a brief stint as a freelance musician, my first ‘proper’ job was in the marketing department of the London Symphony Orchestra where I had the privilege to hear many of the classical stars of the day perform.

They all became heroes to me, their playing always meeting the perfection that was required of them every single day. That’s a lot of pressure to cope with in life, and I still watch and listen to musicians and admire them for their commitment and sheer talent.

What brought you to Waypoint Partners?

I’ve always enjoyed working for companies who support others, whether it be a self-governing orchestra, a membership body, or in the case of Waypoint, supporting a range of businesses at different stages of development.

Waypoint can only succeed by helping their clients to achieve their ambitions. There is something very satisfying in knowing we’re a business dedicated to helping others succeed. Learning about Waypoint’s work inspired me to share their message and illustrate their impact through our marketing activities.

Favourite motivational quote?

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day”.
Beth Comstock, Former CMO and Vice Chair GE

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